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Aesthetics Specialist

The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality

Alternative Medicine & Wellness Center located in Fresno, CA

Cosmetic issues like fine lines, uneven skin tone, loose skin, and other signs of aging can sap your confidence. Achieve a younger, fresher look at The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality in Fresno, California. Led by Diego Allende, DO, the practice offers a substantial menu of aesthetic services to fight wrinkles, skin damage, unwanted body fat, and more. To find out how aesthetic treatments can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, call the clinic today or book your consultation online.

Aesthetics Q & A

What are aesthetics treatments?

Unlike other areas of medicine, aesthetics focuses on improving your wellbeing in part by improving your appearance. If an aspect of your appearance bothers you, it can significantly impact your self-confidence and affect other areas of your life. 

Aesthetic treatments aim to reverse the signs of aging, improve the health of your skin, and address other cosmetic concerns. 

At The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality, Dr. Allende offers an extensive menu of services that includes many of today’s most innovative and effective treatments. Some treatments come with additional health benefits while others are purely cosmetic.

How can aesthetic treatments improve the way I look?

You can use aesthetic treatments to refine your appearance in a number of ways. The skilled team at The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality takes time to discuss all options so you can choose a treatment plan that has visible, long-lasting results.

Dr. Allende offers nonsurgical treatments that can: 

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Remove unwanted body hair
  • Change the shape of your body 
  • Clear your skin
  • Add volume to your face

Dr. Allende uses the most advanced aesthetic tools available to ensure effective results with little discomfort or downtime.  

What aesthetic treatments can I get?

Dr. Allende offers a list of cosmetic services that include:

  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Belotero® dermal fillers
  • Restylane® dermal fillers
  • Juvederm® dermal fillers
  • Radiesse® dermal fillers
  • Erbium laser skin resurfacing
  • Advanced fluorescence technology (AFT) and intense pulsed light (IPL) skin rejuvenation
  • Laser hair removal
  • Sculptra® butt lift
  • Sculptra dermal fillers
  • Harmony XL PRO body contouring
  • Lightwave therapy treatment to improve skin texture

In addition, Dr. Allende provides many hormonal treatments that help reduce the signs of aging, as well as increase overall wellness. Hormone treatments include:

  • Hormone pellet therapy
  • Bioidentical hormones for men and women
  • Vitamin infusion
  • Metabolic HCG treatment for weight loss
  • Menopause treatment

Once your initial cosmetic goals are met, you may come back for maintenance appointments as needed. Dr. Allende can recommend a maintenance regimen that extends your fresh new look.  

If you’re unhappy with your skin, facial volume, or body shape, call The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality today or book a consultation online.