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Hormones Specialist

The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality

Alternative Medicine & Wellness Center located in Fresno, CA

Hormones are responsible for your mood, energy level, impulse control, and more. Unbalanced hormone levels can leave you feeling tired, sad, or generally unwell. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, Diego Allende, DO, offers hormone assessment and replacement therapy treatments at The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality. Call the Fresno, California, clinic today or book a consultation online.

Hormones Q & A

What are hormones?

Hormones are a type of messenger chemical in your body that regulate your habits and functions. You produce many types of hormones that work together to keep your system balanced and functioning properly. Hormones that may sound familiar to you include:

  • Adrenaline (gives you energy)
  • Human growth hormone (HGH) (helps you grow properly and preserves your muscle tissue)
  • Insulin (regulates your blood sugar)
  • Estrogen (one of two female sex hormones)
  • Testosterone (male sex hormone)
  • Serotonin (stabilizes your mood)
  • Thyroid hormones (regulate your metabolism)
  • Cortisol (helps you handle stress and mood changes)
  • DHEA (boosts testosterone and estrogen production)

These are just a few of the many hormones that your body produces naturally. 

Why are my hormones out of balance?

Your body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of certain hormones deteriorates as you age. For women, menopause is the time in your life when you stop producing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The lack of hormones can make you feel off-balance or moody and often comes with symptoms like hot flashes.

Men experience male menopause when their hormone levels drop. If you’re undergoing male menopause, you may have lower energy, feel depressed, or have difficulty sleeping.

What treatments can I use to regulate my hormones?

Dr. Allende understands the difficulties of changing bodies and hormone levels. To combat your symptoms, he offers several hormone replacement therapy options:

Bioidentical hormones

Bioidentical hormones are artificial hormones that mimic the ones in your body. Men and women can be treated with bioidentical estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. You can also use human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for similar effects since the hormone mimics gonadotropins.

Metabolic human chorionic gonadotropin treatment

During this treatment, you follow a strict diet while using prescription HCG. HCG is a hormone that women make naturally during pregnancy. It is believed that HCG injections, when paired with a low-calorie diet, can speed up fat loss and reduce cravings for carbs.

Peptide therapy

Peptides are amino acid chains that can optimize your growth hormone levels. Dr. Allende can customize peptide therapy for you to assist in weight loss, reduce inflammation, or help you build muscle. Peptide therapy can come in the form of creams, nasal sprays, or oral supplements.

Pellet therapy

During pellet therapy, Dr. Allende places plant-based hormone pellets under your skin to release small doses of the hormones you need over time.

IV therapy

IV therapy, or vitamin infusion, supplements your body with vitamins that may be lacking. The specific infusion you receive is based on your vitamin levels. IV therapy can result in an improved mood, increased energy, and an enhanced immune system.

Age management program 

If you choose to undergo an age management program, Dr. Allende creates a personalized treatment plan to slow your physical process of aging. These plans often include some form of hormone replacement therapy.

For increased energy, mood, and overall well-being, call The Allende Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Vitality for an appointment or book a consultation online.